The construction sector is vital to the regional and national economy, impacts the lives of everyone in the UK and even before the COVID-19 pandemic some radical change was underway with more expected. 

There is a pressing need for the sector to embrace new ideas which disrupt thinking, encourage a fresh approach and drive change. The construction sector faces increasing demands to transform the way buildings are designed, manufactured and constructed; building better, smarter, cleaner, greener and more affordable places to live.

In order to meet these new challenges, the construction sector is having to reshape the skills and competencies needed to make the industry thrive.  Meeting low carbon targets, adopting new technologies and incorporating new business models all require specific skills. It’s no secret that the construction sector was in the midst of a prolonged skills shortage pre-COVID 19. Construction innovation forces businesses to look beyond the current skills crisis, to invest in its people and diversify their workforce.  

With the University’s  extensive track record of collaborating with industry, the Centre will drive positive change through an evidence based and demonstrated range of activities.

Our vision is for a better world through a better built environment.

Our mission is to work with national and regional institutions by being a catalyst for transforming the UK construction sector through the appropriate and effective use of digital technologies and modern methods of construction; by promoting “procuring for value” principles and the adoption of new business models for construction and contractors;  and the desired outcomes include boosting productivity, exports and asset performance to benefit society, inclusive growth, “levelling-up” and zero carbon.

Our mission can only be delivered by partnering future generations with current industry innovators and leaders in addressing the complex issue of the skill needs of the sector. We will work to achieve our mission this by promoting industry collaboration and encouraging knowledge transfer, showcasing best practice from across the sector through a range of client and business focussed services.