Skills for the Future

Thirty-two million people in the UK are currently unemployed. Alongside this, technical skill requirements for companies are increasing, which is creating shortages across industries. The construction industry is no different but is also under-utilising new technologies that could offer targeted improvements in productivity and whole-life approach to construction and maintenance. The University of Salford has an established community outreach and engagement programme that draws young and lifetime learners. However, the Centre for Excellence will target specific areas to bring about a paradigm shift in improving the capability of the next generation of workers in the construction industry, along with offering new and improved techniques for the industry to take advantage of through an educated workforce.

The following points are areas of focus within the Skills and Education for the future theme:

  • Offering real-world training that embeds good practice at the heart of skill development
  • Creating mentorship and leadership programmes, partnering the future generations with current industry innovators and leaders, offering insight and knowledge transfer
  • Community outreach and engagement, promoting the value of a career in the construction industry to younger audiences, particularly young women, in Greater Manchester
  • Housing incubators in the new Centre, to create a collaborative hub of research, development, testing and deployment, with SMEs and large companies working side-by-side with academics and students

Supporting Team

Knowledge transfer, upskilling and practical and theoretical skill development plays a large role at the University of Salford. The supporting team under this theme have experience in academia and industry and can provide valuable insights into industry skill and labour requirements that will guide the community engagement and outreach programmes, along with shaping the next generation of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees that will benefit from close association and partnership working with the Centre.

The following noted members of the supporting team will help shape and guide the Skills and Education theme:

Dr. Brodie McAdam
Prof. Angela Lee
Christine Gausden
Dr. Tooska Dhargahi
Dr. Teslim Bamidele Balogun
Dr. Justine Cooper
Dr. Gerard Wood
Dr. Steve Ruddock
Nicky Harris