Digital and Modern Methods of Construction

Technology is advancing at a faster rate than ever before. However, these advancements don’t translate into real and practical applications in major industries frequently enough.  Many innovations and technical discoveries are made in micro companies or academic institutions, and without commercial opportunity or support they often stay there. The University of Salford is committed to working with industry partners and policy makers to ensure new innovations and inventions, whether produced in-house or externally with research assistance, are fully exploited in a way that would positively impact the construction industry.

The following points represent key areas within the Digital and Modern Methods in Construction theme:

  • Innovative methods of design, testing and validation to challenge construction processes and techniques, with the long-term goal of embedding new practices that positively impact clients, the construction industry and users
  • Modular approach to construction, focusing on long-term flexibility to incorporate new technologies including more energy efficient innovations and those that facilitate early learning systems or elderly care and support
  • Placing users at the heart of design, construction and maintenance, to fully understand the needs of potential users throughout the full life of a building, and ensure implementation methods are relevant and applicable

Supporting Team

The supporting team for the Digital and Modern Methods in Construction theme consists of both expertise and world-class facilities. The Centre will bring together academics and capability in cutting edge innovations, including the internationally recognised Autonomous Systems and Advanced Robotics Lab, the interactive virtual reality centre ThinkLab, and Energy House 1.0 and 2.0. These facilities are already well utilised by industry, but each facility and related academic will be included in the Centre of Excellence to ensure the construction industry specifically benefits.

Prof. Jason Underwood
Prof. Nefti-Meziani
Dr. Derek Hales
Prof. Zeeshan Aziz
Dr. Stephen Coates
Prof. Terrance Fernando
Dr. Steve Davis
Prof. William Swan
Dr. Theo Theodoridis

The capability of the supporting team will also feature heavily in the Skills and Education for the Future theme, to ensure the next generation of workers in the construction industry can utilise innovative methods to improve processes of construction, operability, maintenance and overall performance.